Competition is getting tougher on the online gambling market. Thus, to distinguish themselves from the others from the beginning, newcomers to the market opt ??for a more advanced graphics. This is the case of the Floor Casino which appealed to Goo Technologies. The platform is the first of its kind that uses the latest 3D technology from the Internet Technology company.

Enjoy the power of HTML5

Last mid-September, Goo Technologies revealed the secret of the graphics of the new Casino Floor gaming platform. The pioneering Internet technology company has indeed been responsible for optimizing the graphics of this 3D site. Since this statement, no one wants to know why the “early” success of Casino Floor. Yes, this gaming platform regularly sees the number of online players increase in a consistent way. Two weeks of opening were enough for him to have a reputation on the market of the online games. Its popularity is due in particular to the impression that the platform gives. Playing on Casino Floor is similar to playing in a real casino according to some players’ testimonials. This is mainly due to innovative 3D technology giving players the ability to move easily from one room to another or from one table to another. 856 games without downloads and software installation are available to players.

Marcus Krüger, President of Goo Technologies, expressed his pride for the great participation of his team in the success of Casino Floor. “Our team is very proud of the results of their work,” said the senior executive of the large Internet technology company. He did not fail to specify that HTML5 could have application in other sectors in the coming months.

A new type of online casino

The online platform Casino Floor is entirely based on HTML5. It was launched specifically for desktop users, but there may be a mobile version in the coming months. With the emergence of tablets and smartphones, the operator would not resist the idea of ??seducing users of these terminals. Casino Floor is the first online gambling platform in which users in participating countries have the possibility to access their browser completely without using a plug-in. This is a new type of online casino. And it is this uniqueness that has allowed him to attract a large number of players after only a few weeks of exercises on the market. “We have never seen such a high degree of engagement and conversion of paying users to a new online gambling site,” said Jack Mizel, a senior executive of Casino Floor, during a recent interview. And the platform team knows very well who it is that success. During the interview, Jack Mizel said, “Goo Technologies’ support in terms of visuals has been an essential and determining factor in our success. ” “Goo Technologies’ support for visuals has been a critical and critical factor in our success. ” “Goo Technologies’ support for visuals has been a critical and critical factor in our success. “