Caribbean stud poker begins with the ante (small bet before the start of the game) of the players. Then the dealer deals five cards to the players and to himself. The players receive their cards faced down and they should not be displayed to the other players. The dealers keeps four of his cards faced down and makes one visible. After receiving your cards you should closely review them and decide on an action plan. Basically you have the following options:

A player decides that his hand is good enough and plays on.
A player sees that he is probably not going to win this hand and surrenders. This called ‘surrender’ or ‘fold’. In that case you lose your ante.

The players who choose to continue playing must double the amount of the ante. After all players took their decisions the dealer turns his four other cards and tries to compile the strongest hand possible. He is allowed to use all of his cards, but he needs to have an ace-king combination in his hand. If that is not the case, then the game is not played and the players will only make profit on their ante.