‘Comps’ are complimentary offers of land-based and online casinos to their members. It is one of the attractive come-ons that draw players and huge traffic respectively. Choosing an online casino to which you will entrust your money is a complicated process because of such rewards waiting in line. Naturally, you would like to be in a casino or online gaming site that offers the best deals. Looking at it from afar, every single casino in operation has the best deal. If you come closer, however, you will discover that only a few are true to their words.

When you take the plunge gambling, you will most likely be playing forever. The stakes and the excitement of varied casino games are all addicting in the real sense of the word. How you will put that addiction into good use depends on how you handle your game. Experts and critics alike encourage any prospective player to use positive addiction whenever gambling. That is, being loyal to the game but not going beyond the limits.

Being loyal to a single casino site is significant because of the Comps. Only loyal players are awarded with such rewards. When you choose your online casino, therefore, it is most ideal that you look through the rewards on offer first and foremost. Comps come in different forms of perks. They can be free amount of cash, free meal, free hotel stay, free drinks, free merchandise, free gift certificates, and free travel packages or all depending on how much points you get.

Casino Tropez, for example, has such an interesting comps program that you may want to try. By simply playing and playing frequently, you will be awarded with points that can be exchanged for cash soon as it reaches a certain level. Whether you win or lose, you get a point at casino Tropez for every $10 that you place as a wager. Accumulating 100 points would reward you with an extra dollar. But wait, that is just about the initial offer. Better deals await players who reach the VIP level.

What is truly interesting is the fact that Comps is just a part of the rewards you can actually enjoy by staying loyal to one particular site. Some land-based casinos and online gaming sites even offer great rewards just by signing up or making the first deposit or playing that game. Make sure that you know everything about such rewards. Since they are given for free with no cost at all from your end (you already decided to play, after all!), you better enjoy them to the fullest!